Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer Showers

The past few weeks have been nothing but rain and more rain.  Sometimes it's a downpour while other times it's just a constant drizzle.  The main problem with all this rain is that the sun barely comes out to dry it up.  I haven't watered anything in over a week and I'm afraid my seedlings aren't growing very much without any sunlight.

I bought a small greenhouse that I'm going to set up on our back porch for starting seeds so that the rain doesn't wash away the seeds and soil.  I'll probably have it set up where I want it by my next post.  Speaking about my next post, our son, Branson, is going to be born within the next week so times are going to get busy but I'm going to make sure and keep posting as we move into fall.

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From around the yard:

In the garden we have black-eyed peas, watermelon, basil, and newly planted okra.  I also have overgrown tomato plants and sweet potatoes in another garden.

I'm working on stopping the grass from growing with cardboard and adding pine mulch to the walkway.  That's our new automatic hose reel, pretty cool how it works.

Amaryllis seedlings, I'm surprised at how many sprouted.  Now I need to wait for the bulbs to form.

Yellow and Purple Coneflower seedlings.  

Blue Victoria Salvia, Marigold, and Black-eyed Susan seedlings.  The marigolds are from seed saved from a parent plant in our butterfly garden.

Butterflyweed seedlings.  Having a hard time dealing with aphids on these guys.

Our drift roses are starting to fill out the front garden and looking nice.

I planted these two hibiscus next to our rain gutter and they are blooming very frequently.  

The monarchs have found our Tropical Milkweed!